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Dealer Registration Scheme Manual Checklist

The following form is provided to assist you to correctly register a vehicle.


  • sight and copy the client's evidence of identity, address & date of birth
  • record the details of the designated operator (including date of birth) if registered in joint names
  • record the vehicle details from the actual vehicle, not the paperwork.
  • verify the Type Approval Number
  • declare the market value
  • sign the declaration on the registration application form.

Custom/selected number plates:

  • complete a replacement plate form
  • sign the declaration on the replacement plate form
  • provide the custom/selected plate number on the application for registration
  • attach standard plates and an interim label to the trade-in vehicle

Plates and label:

  • issue the plate and label in numerical sequence
  • record the correct details on the interim label, if you are not connected to the on-line system
  • complete the daily summary
  • attach these to the vehicle

Fees, did you:

  • sight proof that the registered operator is currently in receipt of a pension
  • or is on the Transport Access Scheme (TAS)
  • complete the appropriate statutory declaration if registered operator is on a pension, TAS
  • or is a farmer
  • check if registered operator has a common expiry date for registration
  • charge the correct fees.