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Bruny Main Road Upgrades


The Department's long term objective is to provide a continuous sealed road between Bruny Island's major population centre of Alonnah and the ferry terminal at Roberts Point.

The following projects have been identified as priority road upgrades along Bruny Main Road;

  1. Sealing of a 3.6km section at Great Bay - between Whaymans Road and Great Bay
  2. Adventure Bay junction to Alonnah - reconstruction of approx 2kms of road
  3. The Neck and Great Bay Road - road embankment stabilisation
  4. Sealing of 800m of gravel road travelling South from William Carte Drive
  5. Murphy's Creek Bridge replacement at Alonnah

1. Great Bay - Road Reconstruction

The first of these upgrades, sealing from Whaymans Road to Great Bay, was completed in November 2010.

This $3.4M project will improve safety for both residents and tourists and reduce maintenance costs.

Works included widening the road pavement, improving drainage and sealing of the existing gravel road surface.


2. Adventure Bay Road Junction to Alonnah - Road Pavement Renewal

In November 2010, work commenced to upgrade sections of existing road pavement on Bruny Main Road from Adventure Bay Road Junction to Alonnah.  This work was completed in December 2010.

This $300,000 project included improving the road surface and upgrading approx 2.5kms of road pavement, including improved road drainage.

3. Road Embankment Repairs to the Great Bay and the Neck

Erosion of the road embankment caused by storm damage and wave action has been repaired and the embankment strengthened at Great Bay and at the Neck.  Works were completed from August to November 2010.  The $250,000 project included repairs to the road shoulder and reinstatement of the road embankment.

4. Road Sealing at Alonnah

DIER intends to seal approx 700m of gravel along Bruny Main Road at Alonnah, travelling South from Willian Carte Drive to 50km/h end speed sign.

This $700,000 project, will improve the safety for both local residents and tourists.  Work will commence in October 2012 with a planned completion date of early December 2012.

The project will be designed to ensure the least possible disruption to road users with any delays kept to a minimum.  Off peak ferry times will be used to transport road construction materials and equipment and key tourist periods will be avoided.  The contractor will also take ferry sailing times into account when scheduling work.

The road works will be performed under an approved Traffic Management Plan by the contractor, Andrew Walter Constructions Pty Ltd. 

5. Replacement of Murphys Creek Bridge

DIER is committed to replacing the current bridge at Murphys Creek, Alonnah with a two-lane bridge and separated pedestrian footpath.

Plans to build the replacement bridge during the 2011/2012 summer season have been deferred due to unexpected, recent identification of Aboriginal heritage at this site.  Design work for the replacement bridge has commenced. 

Contact Details

For further information about the Bruny Main Road projects please call Steven Kaczmarski on (03) 6233 8084 or email