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Important changes to vehicle registration

Abolition of registration labels for light vehicles

From the 1st September 2012, light vehicles will no longer need to display a registration label.
Light vehicles (vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5 tonnes or under) include:

  • Cars, and station wagons
  • utes and vans
  • motorcycles
  • trailers (including horse floats), and
  • caravans

Once the changes take effect you can either remove the label from your light vehicle straight away or wait until your registration expires after which you will have 30 days to remove it.

Heavy Vehicle labels are still required

This change does not apply to heavy (vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of more than 4.5 tonnes) will still be required to display a registration label.
Under the new system the label will be mailed out after payment is made. It is important that you pay your renewal on time to make sure your label is legally in place within the required period, i.e. 45 days from expiry.

Reasons for the change

The phasing out of registration labels for light vehicles will provide a higher level of customer service and increase efficiencies for Tasmanian motorists.

Tasmania is not going alone with this change. South Australia and Western Australia have already abolished labels for light vehicles and New South Wales will abolish labels early in 2013. The removal of registration labels is being considered by most Australian jurisdictions. 
Transport Inspectors, Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER) staff and Tasmania Police have access to advanced technology (e.g. Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras) to detect unregistered vehicles, meaning that the label is not required to show a vehicle is registered.

Registration Renewal Notice

DIER will continue to send you a renewal notice about 6 weeks before your registration expires.  If you forget to pay your registration, a reminder notice will be sent out 21 days after your registration expires.
Remember that it is your responsibility to renew your registration, even if you don't receive a renewal notice from DIER.  Make sure you keep your postal address up to date to avoid missing any notices.
There will be some changes to the registration form, these include

  • Details of the payment periods (including fees) that you can choose straight away when making your payment. This means that you will no longer need to get a new form before you choose a different period of registration (e.g. 6 or 12 months).

    Note: All vehicles and all payment periods have a unique payment number.  if you are paying by phone or internet make sure that you use the payment number shown against the payment period.
  • A tear-off section that can be kept in the vehicle.  It contains no personal information and can be used as evidence or a reminder of the registration expiry date.

Unregistered vehicles

It is important that your vehicle remains registered if used (including being parked) on a public street. Fines apply for the use of an unregistered vehicle.

The current Traffic Infringement fine for using an unregistered vehicle is $200 and a further $200 for driving an uninsured vehicle.

Additionally, if you use an unregistered vehicle and involved in an accident you may not be covered for Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) insurance.

Checking that a vehicle is registered

You can check whether a vehicle is registered (and other details) at anytime free of charge by visiting the Registration Status Page

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