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Registration Forms

This site will provide you with a list of forms.  You will need to complete some of these forms when you intend to register your vehicle, replace your plates and labels, apply for a concession or exemption, transfer your registration and when nominating your garage address.

Registering a vehicle

Form provided at the time of inspection or if not being inspected provided at Service Tasmania or available online - Application for Registration, (PDF, 253 KB)

Additional forms required for registering heavy vehicles

Other forms that may be required

Types of registration available

Buying, cancelling & selling

Transfer (buying a vehicle)
Disposing (selling a vehicle)
Notice of Change on Beneficial Ownership, (PDF, 34KB)

Exemptions & rebates (concessions & discounts available)

Application for Pension/Healthcare, (PDF, 37.6KB)
Application for Rebate of 40% Motor Tax

For people in receipt of a Pension or Benefit.  Must be the Registered Operator of a Commercial Goods Vehicle (4.5t GVM or less), which is not permitted to be used for the purpose of any trade or business.

Application for 40% rebate of Motor Tax, (PDF, 28.2KB)

Application for 40% Rebate of Motor Tax to the Registered Operator of a Commercial Goods Vehicle Who is Engaged in Agriculture

Application for Interchangeable Trailer Concession, (PDF, 96.1KB)
Application for 3 Axle Bus Concession, (PDF, 19KB)
Statutory Declaration

Renewing registration

Application for Renewal of Registration and Certificate of premium paid

Plates-new, replacements and duplicates

Application for Duplicate Plates and Bicycle Rack Number Plate, (PDF, 33.9KB)
Application for Replacement of, (PDF, 27KB)

  • Certification of Registration and Certificate of Premium Paid and/or
  • Registration Label and/or
  • Number Plates

Application for General Identification Mark (Trade Plates)

For personalised plates visit tasplates logo

Written off & unregistered vehicles

Application for a Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit, (PDF, 90.2KB)

National Written Off Vehicle Notification:

Registered Operator Notification Wrecked Vehicle, (PDF, 75KB)

Changing information about you or your car

Change of Address
Nomination of Garage Address, (PDF, 26.3KB)
Designated Operator Form, (PDF, 30.3KB)
Taking a vehicle out of your name, (PDF, 00KB)
Application for Temporary Upgrade Permit, (PDF, 94KB)

To check details of Tasmanian vehicle registration

Registration Status
To obtain a search of records
Right to Information

New vehicle, Dealer Information,

Other Forms & fees       Licence Forms, Vehicle Standards, Operator Forms, Transport Access Scheme, Fees