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West Tamar Highway Near Bradys Lookout

Shoulder Widening and Flexible Safety Barrier

About the project

The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) is undertaking improvements under the Community Roads Program to a section of the road along the West Tamar Highway near Bradys Lookout. The work will include widening of the road to provide a 1.8m painted median fitted with a flexible safety barrier separating the northbound and southbound lanes for approximately 3 kilometres.

Works are proposed to address current safety issues on this section of the highway, making it a safer more consistent road environment.

Breaks in the flexible safety barrier and right turn treatments will be provided in 2 locations - access to Bradys Lookout and the Bradys Lookout Road Junction.

Bradys Lookout Flythough Video
Bradys Lookout Flythough Video
Southbound View
Northbound View


This project is located on the West Tamar Highway, approximately 400m north of Bradys Lookout Road to Craythorne Road.  The works will primarily be on the existing alignment.

Objectives and Background

The aim of this project is to improve safety by preventing head-on crashes and reducing the severity of loss of control crashes.

This section of the West Tamar Highway carries approximately 5,500 vehicles per day, including: commuter and tourist traffic, and has a significantly higher crash rate than other sections of the highway.

In the five years between 2004 and 2008, there were nine casualty crashes in this area, including two fatalities and four serious casualty crashes.

Head on crashes in rural environments are one of the most severe crash types, and research indicates a 90% reduction in head-on crashes can be achieved by installing a median barrier on an existing carriageway.

Research also indicates that flexible safety barrier is the most promising treatment for head-on and loss-of-control crashes, as this type of barrier "captures errant vehicles, absorbing their impact and preventing the vehicle from rebounding back into other traffic.

This is a particularly complex engineering project with a number of constraints such as steep edges, tight curves and ground stability issues.  DIER has been unable to start the work on this complex project until comprehensive ground investigations, survey and design work had been done.

Features and Safety Benefits of the Project

The project will provide the safest option for Bradys Lookout area, providing a safer, more consistent road which will reduce collision rates.

Safety benefits will include:

  • A more consistent road environment;
  • Installation of flexible safety barriers and median to separate north and south bound traffic;
  • Road widening;
  • Improvement to the alignment of the highway;
  • Increased sight distance at junctions;
  • New road surface;
  • Roadside safety barriers; 
  • Audible line marking where required;
  • Safer turning facilities; and
  • Improvements to the junction at the access to Bradys Lookout and to Bradys Lookout Road.

Local Access

As part of these safety works the junction at Masons Road will become left in left out only.  Safer turning arrangements will be provided with a U turn facility to the north at Bradys Lookout Road and a left side slip lane to the south at Bradys Lookout access to allow U turns.


The Government has allocated $9 million from the Community Roads Program to improve the safety of the West Tamar Highway near Bradys Lookout.

In recent years the State Government has invested nearly $20 million upgrading the highway, and this latest project will bring the total investment in the highway to about $29 million over a 10-year period.

Current Status

The tender for works has been awarded to Andrew Walter Construction.

Works are scheduled to commence in October 2012 with completion expected mid 2013.

Contact Details

For further information about the project please email: