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Vehicle Registration - Miscellaneous Fees

Replacement Plate Fees

Vehicle Type Plate & Certificate Fees
Motor Vehicle

$33.80 (plate $19.40 + certificate $14.40)

Motor Cycle


(plate $16.55 + certificate $14.40)



(plate $16.55 + certificate $14.40)

Duplicate Plates (including Slimline)

Bike Rack Plates


Street Rod Plates, Special Vintage Plates (VCCA, EH etc.) and Duplicate Forestry Plates $74.15
Trade Plate $16.55
ATV Restricted Plate $19.40

Personalised Plates - TASPLATES

Vehicle Type Plate & Certificate Fees
Personalised Plates
(Previously referred to as Custom and Selected Plates)

visit for availability and fee information

Duplicate Fee

Fee Description Amount

Duplicate Registration Label

Duplicate Registration Certificate $14.40
Duplicate Plates 

(including Slimline Plates)


Transfer of Registration

Fee Description Amount
Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles


Trailers and Caravans


NOTE: Duty also payable on transfers see Duty Rate

Short Term Unregistered Permit (up to 28 days)

Calculation of Fees for a Short Term Unregistered Permit Motor vehicles, caravans and Trailers (with an unladen mass exceeding 500kg)

Fee Description Amount
Permit Fee $8.60
MAIB Premium Paid Class 19 (inc $20.00 duty)
Total: $62.60

Calculation of Fees for a Short Term unregistered Trailer < 500kg <=500kg

Fee Description Amount
Permit Fee $8.60
Total: $8.60

NOTE: MAIB Premium Paid is not required for trailers < 500kg
Agricultural implements towed behind any registered vehicle or an agricultural trailer towed behind a registered agricultural machine can be used on public street without purchasing a Short Term permit.

Temporary Upgrade Permit

Fee Description Amount
Permit Fee $36.00

Plus difference between Motor tax paid and new Motor tax payable



Motor Vehicle Securities

For more information about fees associated with securities visit

Inspection Fees for Registration (including GST)

Inspection fees do not apply to NEW vehicles or trailers registered under the Type Approval System and vehicles inspected at Approved Inspection Stations. (The inspection fee for vehicles inspected at approved inspection stations (AISs) is payable at the time of inspection and is a fee that they (AISs) determine themselves).

Inspection fees do not apply to farm tractors or non farm tractors see Agricultural and non-agricultural machines.

Calculation of Fees Payable for Other Vehicles. 

Written Off Vehicle (inspection conducted by Transport Inspector)


Registration and Licensing Searches

Transaction Amount
Search Certificate (Information Search)

Trade Plate Fees

Calculation of Trade Plate Fees (GIM)

Trade Plate Certificate Fee $43.20
MAIB Premium Paid (inc $6.00 duty) $383.00
Registration Plate $16.55
Total: First Issue Trade Plate $442.75
Total: Renewal Trade Plate $426.20