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Permit Information

Permit Summary
Permit Summary, (PDF, 1.23MB)

Permit Application

Permit to Interfere application & Fact Sheet

"Permit to Interfere", (PDF, 45.2MB)

Appendix 1 - Maps
Map 1. Northern Bypass Sections, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 2. JRL - Southerly aspect, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 3. JRL - Westerly aspect, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 4. JRL - Aboriginal site details, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 5a. Plan view of JRL crossing, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 5b. Elevation of JRL crossing, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 5c. Plan of permanent impacts, (PDF, 211KB)

Map 5d. Plan of temporary impacts, (PDF, 211KB)

Appendix 2
This document describes the proposal and shows how impacts on the Levee will be avoided.
Jordan River Bridge Proposal 

Appendix 3 - Practical and feasible alternatives
A DIER assessment of some of the route options proposed by the Aboriginal Community
Practical and Feasible Alternatives, (PDF, 4MB)

Appendix 4 - Interim Report
The report prepared immediately after the investigation took place but prior to artefact analysis
Interim Report - April 2010, (PDF, 1.91MB)

Appendix 5 - Ruling out Burials (Ground Penetrating Radar Report)
Radar technology was utilised across the site so that DIER could ensure no burials were located in the Levee in close proximity to the highway.
Ground Penetration Radar Report, (PDF, 3.93MB)

Appendix 6 - Aboriginal Community Consultation Overview
Consultation, (PDF, 310KB)
TALSC Submission, (PDF, 321KB)

Dating of the Levee report
The OSL report provides a detailed explanation of how the Levee was dated.
The dating process is also described in the Final Archaeological report.
Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Report, (PDF, 172KB)