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Bridgeworks Specifications

No. Title Date
B1 Earthworks and Foundations, (PDF) April 2003
B4 Precast Concrete Piles, (PDF) April 2003
B5 Steel Piles, (PDF) April 2003
B6 Steel Cased Cast-in-Place RC Piles, (PDF) April 2003
B10 Supply of Concrete, (PDF) October 2006
B11 Reinforced Prestressed or Mass Concrete, (PDF) October 2006
B12 Prestressed Concrete Beams, (PDF) October 2006
B14 Precast Concrete Units, (PDF) April 2003
B15 Concrete Repairs, (PDF) October 2006
B16 Concrete Crack Injection, (PDF) April 2003
B17 U-Beam Bridge Bolt Tightening, (PDF) April 2003
B20 Fabrication of  Steel Bridge Girders, (PDF) April 2003
B22 Erection of Structural Steelwork, (PDF) April 2003
B23 Penetrating Sealers and Coatings for Concrete, (PDF) October 2006
B24 Structural Protective Coatings, (PDF) October 2006
B25 Bridge Fence and Miscellaneous Steelwork, (PDF) April 2003
B28 Cathodic Protection of Structures, (PDF) April 2003
B30 Elastomeric Bearings, (PDF) July 2004
B40 Expansion Joints, (PDF) July 2004
B44 Bitumastic Joints, (PDF) April 2003
B50 Crib Walls, (PDF) April 2003
B51 Gabion Boxes and Mattresses, (PDF) April 2003
B52 Reinforced Soil Walls, (PDF) July 2004
B54 Masonry Structure Maintenance, (PDF) October 2006
B55 Timber Construction, (PDF) April 2003

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