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Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that direct employment in "Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing" is around 12,000 people or seven per cent of the total State workforce. This does not include employment in businesses that service agriculture, forestry and fishing, or processing or manufacturing operations that depend on these sectors.

Total employment in agriculture, forestry and fishing in fact fell from 13,066 in 1986 to 11,314 in 1991 but rose again to 11,977 and 12,261 respectively in the 1996 and 2001 censuses (Error! Not a valid bookmark self-reference.).

Table 33: Employment by Industry
Table 33: Employment by Industry 

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing

These statistics refer to employment in specific Australian Bureau of Statistics industry codes. As such they do not represent the full employment impact for what is more commonly described as a particular industry. In the case of "Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing", for example, the statistics show people directly employed in the sector but exclude contractors, transport workers and manufacturing employees who are directly dependent on those sectors.