As a passionate Tasmanian, I am proud to represent the State as a Labor Senator and thank the Tasmanian people for electing me to this privileged position.

I see my role as giving a voice to Tasmanians through Federal Labor policy and debate. I will endeavour to apply the values of the people who elected me into the Senate to ensure I am representing their interests. To do this, I will engage in conversation within the Tasmanian community, and urge you to share your views and opinions with me.

Like you, I want a Tasmania that continues to thrive and prosper; where no one is left behind and every person has a chance to succeed.

I will work hard to stand up for the needs of all Tasmanians in the hope that we can share in a better future for all.

Best wishes,

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Budget Update 2013

Budgets are about more than numbers: they’re about people. Australia’s decisions about what to spend money on now will decide the opportunities our children will have in the future.

This year’s Budget creates a better future for all Australians, no matter their circumstances.

DisabilityCare Australia

The Gillard Government will invest $14.3 billion over seven years to roll out DisabilityCare Australia which will transform people’s lives. 
Around $245 million will be provided in 2019-20 to support about 11,000 people with disability in Tasmania.
You can learn more about the National Disablity Insurance Scheme here.

Better Schools

The Budget provides funding of $9.8 billion to increase funding to schools over six years, to try to lift student achievement, under the National Plan for School Improvement.

The Gonski Review called for a fundamental overhaul of a school funding system and this will ensure every Tasmanian student gets a great education, no matter where they go to school.
Read more about the National Plan for School Improvement here.

Our Antarctic Gateway

The $25 million funding will allow the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre to continue its ground breaking research and maintain its international reputation in the area of climate change.

The Budget also provides $9.5 million to ensure Australia continues to contribute to broader research and Antarctic operations run from Tasmania, including the four Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations.

A $7.9 million allocation has also been made to look at options for a replacement for the Antarctic supply ship the Aurora Australis.

Quality Workers - Qaulity Learning

More than $25 billion over four years will be provided for child care in Australia so we can continue to help more parents return to work and ensure more children are school-ready.
This includes $300 million over two years to provide grants to help child care centres attract and retain a qualified workforce through higher wages. 


National Cultural Policy - Creative Australia


Earlier this year the long awaited National Cultural Policy Creative Australia, was launched, the first since Paul Keating’s Creative Nation in 1994.

Creative Australia is a bold but achievable vision and strategy encouraging each Australian to reach their full potential. Arts and culture crosses all boundaries, and here in Australia, we have a rich heritage that should be acknowledged and embraced. 

I am proud to be a part of a Labor Government who understands the arts and cultural sector is central to creating a thriving economy and a dynamic society worthy of global investment. Investing in arts and culture produces a social dividend and it is only through the empowerment of individuals, that we can create an inclusive and productive society.

Creative Australia acknowledges the role of arts, cultural heritage and creative industries in modern Australia. It celebrates our culture by placing it at the forefront of our future. It is about creating opportunity by providing Australians the skills, resources and recognition they require to play an active role in shaping our nation’s future.

Tasmania is increasingly becoming a destination known for its thriving arts and cultural scene. Tasmanians have always enjoyed a strong appreciation of the arts but only recently the world’s attention has been placed on our arts community.

This year the State was listed at the top of the industry news website, Artshub’s 10 best places to work in 2013. Prior to this accolade, Hobart made the Lonely Planet list of the top 10 cities for 2013 and the city was also listed on the popular travel website TripAdvisor as one of the top 10 destinations on the rise.

We are most fortunate to have Tasmania as the home of the well-known Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The National Cultural Policy released yesterday rightly proclaims that “the project has invigorated the town centre and made it a place where they want to be. In turn, this makes Hobart more productive and competitive.” MONA has provided Tasmanian artists and industry players a platform for both their skills and creativity to be rightfully recognised. 

This weekend the much loved festival Ten Days on the Island will start and run through to the 24 March 2013. Ten Days is a celebration of our State’s artistic talent in all areas of creativity including dance, music and screen.  Our State continues to celebrate our creativity through the reopening of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery tomorrow. TMAG has just undertaken a $30 million redevelopment and will now host new exhibitions, programs and facilities.

Tasmania may be an Island but it is far from being isolated from the global community.
I believe through the introduction and support of our new National Cultural Policy we are situated to benefit from our creative State.

Lisa Singh
Labor Senator for Tasmania


Recognising Tasmania's Arts and Cultural Scene