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Huon Pine

Eighty five per cent of Tasmanian's endemic Huon Pine forests are protected in reserves and the remaining fifteen per cent are managed by Forestry Tasmania for long-term supplies of sawlogs and craftwood to provide processors, makers and users with beautiful and valuable Huon Pine timber.  Huon Pine forests only grow in reserves or State forests, none are located on private land.

IST Strahan sell Huon Pine craftwood pieces, logs, branches, stumps and limbwood to the public; please note sawlog grade logs and slabs are only sold to sawmills with rights to Huon pine.  All this material is salvaged by Forestry Tasmania from Teepookana State Forest and from Macquarie Harbour beaches.  Please email or call the Strahan office in advance to make an appointment to select your raw material from the storage yard, email or tel. (03) 6472 6004 or mobile 0459 115 843.

Huon Pine craft logs & limbwood is also available from  IST Geeveston email or tel. 03 6296 7161 / mobile 0419 998 452 and IST Smithton, email or tel. 0427 810 341.  Email or call to check if their stock includes what you wish to purchase, all sales are by appointment with Andrew.

IST Geeveston also carry a range of seasoned Huon pine boards, natural edge slabs, turning squares and blanks.