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  P O Box 774
  Rosny Park
  Tasmania 7018

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U3A Clarence Inc.

A University of the Third Age

Bellerive Beach, River Derwent and Mt Wellington

Bellerive Beach

Geilston Bay

Geilston Bay

Mission Statement

U3A Clarence is a cooperative learning community for retired and semi-retired people, run by volunteers on a non-profit basis. Its aim is to encourage the pursuit of learning. There are no entry qualifications, assessments or awards. It was founded in 1993 and now has more than 300 members.

The University of the Third Age has been formed to provide a shared learning experience free of educational, cultural and political bias. To this end U3A:-

  • Recognises the diverse experience of its members and organises programs as wide as the human resources of members permit. As a general rule tutors should be volunteers.
  • Encourages a lively learning atmosphere, offering a wide range of subjects reflecting the interests of members.
  • Recognises the importance of social and cultural interchange within U3A, supports and encourages initiatives developed by members.
  • Makes no judgments between applicants for membership, although the needs and interests of Third Age people will provide the criteria for organisation.
  • Provides occasional forums where all members may contribute comments and ideas related to the program and to the general organisation.

U3A Clarence offers courses in three 10 week terms. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays. There are 3 one-hour sessions each day with a choice of courses in each session. Courses vary from term to term with a choice of 30-35 each term and members may enrol in as many classes as they wish. Courses are on offer in the following areas:-

  • Literature:  classics, modern, poetry, drama
  • History:      ancient, modern, Tasmanian, Australian, Asian, current events and issues
  • Languages: French, Latin, Spanish, German
  • Sciences:     geology,botany, anthropology, mathematics, ecology, meteorology, astronomy, scientists, biographies
  • Philosophy: ethics, theology
  • The Arts:    art history and theory, painting, calligraphy, writing, music appreciation
  • Group activities: debating, genealogy, chess, multicultural dancing, bush walking, theatre and gallery visits

The Tutors have a wide range of backgrounds – University, teaching, business and commerce, media – and all give their time voluntarily. Many classes are contributory classes where members are encouraged to participate in the running of the group. A measure of the success in creating attractive and rewarding programs is the high rate of enrolment in courses and constant applications from new members. U3A Clarence won the outstanding provider award in Adult Learning Week in September 1999. top


A non-member of U3A Clarence is welcome to come to a class session as a visitor and experience U3A first hand. If you know a U3A Clarence member ask to accompany them to a class. If you are a member of U3A Clarence, bring a friend. Because some classes have an upper size limit, it will be necessary to check beforehand that there is room. top


U3A Clarence is located in the City of Clarence on Hobart's eastern shore where most of the members reside. All courses are held during the day at Rosny LINC (Library), Bligh Street. X marks the spot! top

location map


  • Membership is open to retired and semi-retired people.
  • Annual subscriptions are $45 single, $85 couple.
  • Terms 2 and 3 subs are $30 single, $60 couple.
  • Terms 3 only subs are $15 single, $30 couple.
  • Newsletter only $5.

  • For enrolment inquiries, see Joan Carr, or ph 62151142
    or email

Session 1   9.25 – 10.25
Morning Tea 10.25 – 10.50
Session 2 10.50 – 11.50
Session 3 12.00 –   1.00

          Thursday 28 February 2013 – 10.30am
          Wed 13 March – Wed 22 May
Tutors/Secretaries Afternoon Tea – Wed 6 Mar 2.00pm
No classes – Mon 11 Mar (Labour Day)
No classes – Mon 1 Apr, Wed 3 Apr (Easter)
Committee Meetings – Mon 18 Mar, 22 Apr, 13 May
Program Planning Meeting – Wed 29 Mar 1.15pm – 2.30pm
          (Note: TERM 1 has classes for 9 weeks, not 10.)
          Monday 17 June – Wednesday 21 August
Review of enrolments meeting – Fri 7 Jun 9.30am
Tutors/Secretaries Afternoon Tea – Wed 12 Jun 2.00pm
Committee Meetings – Mon 24 June, 22 July, 12 Aug
Program Planning Meeting – Wed 3 Jul 1.15pm – 2.30pm
Members' Meeting – Wed 10 Jul 1.15pm – 2.30pm
          Monday 16 September – Wednesday 20 November
Review of enrolments meeting – Fri 6 Jun 9.30am
Tutors/Secretaries Afternoon Tea – Wed 11 Sep 2.00pm
Committee Meetings – Mon 23 Sept, 21 Oct, 12 Nov
Program Planning Meeting – Wed 2 Oct 1.15pm – 2.30pm

19 April  6 May
  5 July22 July
27 Sept14 Oct

Mickey Benefiel President
Keith Hoey Vice president
John Coll Past president
Sue Storr Secretary
Pat Jeffery Enrolments
Maureen Davoren Social activities
Jan Greig Committee
Joan Evershed Committee
Lesley Thomson Program coordinator
Jane Hall Program Planning (Joint)
Helen Lawrence Program Planning (Joint)
Terry Mahoney Treasurer & furniture and equipment organiser
Graeme Lindridge Website & newsletter –

U3A Clarence web-site
began 12 August 2009.

Homepage updated

Photographs courtesy of Clarence City Council. Further details of amenities and services may be obtained from the Clarence web-site:
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