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Book Groups Tasmania (BGT)

     Karmen & Cheryl

'We enjoy the unpredictability of the discussion, the chance to experience books we wouldn't otherwise read and opportunities for learning and friendships.'
Nottage Hill Group


If you enjoy talking about books and sharing your ideas with other readers, why not join Book Groups Tasmania? No need to buy the books.

Book Groups Tasmania is for everyone and stretches statewide. 

Groups choose what to read by putting together a reading list from our catalogue of over 500 carefully selected titles.

How it works

  • Groups must have between 5 and 12 members
  • Information about joining and members' annual membership fees
  • Each group nominates a secretary to co-ordinate pick-up, distribution and return of books
  • Groups are self-directed - the form of the discussion is up to the members
  • Groups meet between 6 and 12 times per financial year 
  • Members meet in each others homes or community spaces

Contact Book Groups Tasmania


Book Groups Tasmania
91 Murray St

Phone: 6233 7125