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Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services

Drugs and poisons are everywhere. Over two thirds of Australians will use at least one medicine in any two week period.

While these substances have a vital role to play in protecting and maintaining health and in supporting modern agricultural, industrial and domestic activities, they are also capable of causing considerable harm and death if used incorrectly.

The purpose of the regulatory system is to ensure that medical products meet appropriate quality, safety and efficacy standards and that appropriate expertise and information is available to enable drugs and poisons to be used safely (eg supply on prescription only after medical assessment; comprehensive labelling information).

Many thousands of products containing toxic substances such as drugs and poisons are available on the Australian market. These substances play a key role in saving lives, maintaining health, preventing disease and in supporting modern agricultural and industrial activities. They are, however, dangerous to life when used inappropriately and without the necessary expertise to ensure safe and efficacious use.

Information circular for pharmacists in Tasmania

Circulars are issued every four months to notify pharmacists of changes to the Tasmanian Poisons List, regulation amendments and of general information relating to drug distribution and safety. It is recommended that pharmacies keep the circulars on file as a reference for access by all pharmacists. Queries about information on circulars should be referred to Pharmaceutical Services Branch on (03) 6233 2064.

Advice for Consumers

Buying medicines online or from overseas 

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Seeking Review of an Application to Prescribe
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