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Tasmanian Health Organisations

Welcome from the Chair of the Tasmanian Health Organisations

Graeme Houghton

“Our focus is to deliver high quality, safe health care and services for Tasmanians” – Graeme Houghton

Tasmanian Health Organisations

Three Tasmanian Health Organisations (THOs) have been established under the national health reforms to provide hospital, primary and community health services to Tasmanians.

The THO boundaries are the same as the previous area health services they supersede. They are the THO – North, THO – North West and THO – South.

The THOs are governed by the Tasmanian Health Organisations Act 2011, each responsible for delivering integrated services that maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

The THOs have a clear responsibility and accountability for governing and delivering high quality, efficient and integrated healthcare services in their area, through the public hospital system and primary and community health services (including mental health and oral health services).

This purpose is consistent with the direction established under the former Area Health Services.

Primary and secondary health care operate under a single management team, bringing operational management closer to the patient. There is also an emphasis on linking information systems between the primary and secondary sectors, and between all health professionals whether they are employed by the State, the Australian Government or the private sector.

The new structure is also supported by a new funding model based on a national efficient price for health services determined by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority. The more efficiently services can be supplied to patients and clients, the more services can be provided under current funding.

The THOs are guided by a Governing Council which sets the strategic direction for each THO.

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads a management team responsible for all public health services in that area.

THOs make decisions at the local level about where resources should go and create a linked healthcare service that places patients at the centre of the system.

THOs allow and encourage local innovation in developing creative solutions to solve local issues. It creates a model where resources can move across the health sector to best serve the needs of communities.

Our Governing Councils

Each THO has a Governing Council which makes decisions in consultation with health CEOs about how services are delivered.

Governing Council membership

  • Chair of Governing Councils: Graeme Houghton

Governing Council THO - North:

  • Prof. Denise Fassett
  • Dr Amanda Dennis
  • Mr Mark Scanlon
  • Mr Ross Hart

Governing Council THO - North West:

  • Dr Emil Djakic Assoc.
  • Prof. Dr Deborah Wilson
  • Mr Dale Elphinstone
  • Ms Sarah Jordan

Governing Council THO - South:

  • Mr Lynley Cox
  • Ms Suzanne Baker
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Anthony Lawler
  • Ms Lisa Wardlaw-Kelly

Find out more about Tasmanian Health Organisations

A number of fact sheets provide more information about how THOs operate in Tasmania.

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