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Type Private
Industry Fashion
Founded 2005
Founder(s) Gregory Sovell
Headquarters 1140 Broadway
New York, United States
Key people Gregory Sovell
Products men's underwear: briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, jock straps, tank tops, T-shirts, thongs and trunks
Website www.C-IN2.com

C-IN2 (stylized as C-IN2, pronounced: "see in 2") is an American men's underwear brand founded and headed by Gregory Sovell.[1] In recent years, it has become a leader in the industry, competing against Sovell's own 2(x)ist brand which he founded in 1991 and left in 2005.


The brand was launched in 2005 by Greg Sovell and co-founded with Jason Zambuto.[1] Sovell had left his own 2(x)ist brand that same year (which he established back in 1991) because of creative differences. Since its inception, C-IN2 has introduced breakthrough "technologies" in its underwear designs.[1] Its pioneering designs have made it a successful niche in the fashion industry which it continues to expand.

In 2010, the C-IN2 brand was acquired by a new entity, C-IN2 Clothing Company, Inc., based in Montreal, Canada. Gregory Sovell continues to be the Creative Director for the brand in a new studio in New York City. This new venture will allow the C-IN2 brand to expand into new categories and product lines.

Marketing and brand image[edit]

The brand holds an "individual and modern" brand image.[1] Its most known marketing campaign is "the prison shot with the inmates standing against the prison wall with their clothes down, hands behind their backs and in C-in2 underwear".[1] It was widely circulated, also advertising in Sydney and Melbourne, was shot by Steven Klein.[1]

Viral marketing is also employed.[1]


Among the design techniques is the Trophy Shelf Technology.[1] And the Bamboo line is among C-IN2's most successful designs.[1]


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