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XTG Extreme Game - International
Type Private
Industry Fashion
Founded 1987
Founder(s) Luis Mentado Medina
Headquarters Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Area served Worldwide
Products Men's and Women's swimwear, underwear, and clothing
Website xtg.es

XTG Extreme Game is a Spanish men's and women's swimwear and underwear manufacturer from Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands. XTG also expanded its product line to other clothing including leisurewear, sportswear and accessories.

The XTG design style is colourful, complex and daring, with some of the recurrent themes being sex, popular characters and mythology.

All XTG products are manufactured in Gran Canaria and China with the business run completely out of the company's headquarters in Gran Canaria. The fabrics are bought from factories in Barcelona.

XTG is part of the Burmen group, along with the Lenita brand.


Luis Mentado, founder of XTG Extreme Game

In 1987, director Luis Mentado Medina and his partner Lenita Burman started XTG Extreme Game designing and producing wetsuits. In the late 80's, the raising in the price of the high quality Japanese neoprene forced him out of business. After that he decided to launch a line of men's swimwear, what became the actual XTG Extreme Game brand. It became the absolute leader in its sector in the Canary Islands and very popular in mainland Spain. It also has good sales in the rest of Europe.

In 2005 XTG presented their first XTG underwear collection, becoming the most sold and well known product from XTG internationally. After this success they launched a line of lingerie for the female market.[1]

Recently, the company launched a sports wear collection, XTG GYM, and a kid's line, XTG Kid's Collection.

Now, with over 50 employees, XTG is a multi-million Euro global enterprise and manufacturing over 100 different products.


XTG retails in Spanish department stores like El Corte Inglés and internationally in Selfridges, Pyrénées Department Stores, Galeries Lafayette, Priape and Hankyu Department Store.

Their company online shop has experienced a sustained growth in sales around the world.[2]

The brand also has small boutiques in various cities around the world.[3]


XTG Extreme Game promotes their products in magazines and signs in different countries and in traditional and not traditional venues on the internet, such as blogs and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.


2011 underwear collection[edit]

For the spring-summer 2011 season, XTG offers an "American" style in underwear and home-wear, using red, white, blue and black colours.[4]


"Religious" underwear[edit]

XTG "Religious" 'boxer'

In 2010, the "Religious" briefs & boxers, depicting a Jesus Christ on the back, was retired from department stores after complains from Christian groups that intended to sue the company.

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