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Andrew Christian - International
Type Private
Industry Fashion
Founded 2001
Founder(s) Andrew Christian, Jeff White
Headquarters Hollywood, CA, United States
Area served Worldwide
Products Men's swimwear, underwear, and clothing
Designer Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is an American men's underwear, swimwear, and sportswear manufacturer founded by designer Andrew Christian.

The brand is best known for its underwear, which include street, sport and fashion lines, available in various styles. The underwear contains eco-friendly features, including bamboo fiber and organic cotton. Notable products include Flashback, Almost Naked and Show It.

The company heavily targets the gay community, with the brand operating gay-themed websites. Andrew Christian products are made in China and Thailand.



The FlashLIFT is the top selling Andrew Christian product. There is an invisible support seam built into the structure of the underpants that when a man puts it on, it lifts and rounds out the buttock.[citation needed]

Show-It Technology[edit]

In Spring 2009, Andrew Christian introduced Show-It Technology, underpants that give the appearance of larger genitalia area. The Show-It Technology line features 'a cup that lifts and supports you assets' according to the Andrew Christian website. The Show-It Technology line features briefs, boxers, jockstraps and swimwear.[citation needed]

Almost Naked[edit]

Andrew Christian is also expanding his Almost Naked line, which is made from eco-friendly bamboo. The line will now consist not only of underpants but will be expanded into shirts and tanks. The Almost Naked line features underwear that is marketed as "anotomically correct", claiming to prevent kinks or uncomfortable positions, according to the Andrew Christian website.[1]

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