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The early 2010s (2010–present) have thus far been defined by a revival of interwar, Austerity era, 1980s, and, from late 2012 onwards, early 1990s and skater fashions.[1] In the early 2010s, many mid and late 2000s fashions remain popular in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Australia and East Asia, especially the indie pop look which largely drew upon 1960s Mod clothing combined with elements of 1970s garage rock and contemporary alternative fashion. Latin American teens and young adults, who started keeping up with general Western fashion more closely since the mid-1990s, proved to be more conservative upon maintaining or abandoning 2000s trends than their European and North American peers until about 2013.

General trends[edit]

  • Vintage clothing remained popular, although it was becoming increasingly common to cut unused stock of older fabric to modern patterns[9] or remake older garments into reconstructed clothing,[10] for example, by sewing white cotton tape around the lapels of a navy blue 1990s blazer, or go to extremes and make a shirt from deliberately mismatched scraps of fabric.[11]

The influence of hipster fashion[edit]

  • Continuing on from the late 2000s, fashion derived from the nerd subculture, raver subculture, and hipster subculture became a mainstream trend among European, American and Australasian men and women in their late teens to 30s.[12][13][14] The media often conflated hipster aesthetics with the short-lived mid-2000s geek chic craze.[15] Unlike the indie pop look of the mid-2000s, which was inspired by 1960s Mod and contemporary garage rock bands, 2010s hipster fashion was a fusion of the clothing worn by stereotypical nerds, the gamer subculture, and blue collar laborers.[16] In line with anti-fashion trends, many young men and women wear clothing incongruous to their socio-economic status and contemporary fashion standards, such as intermixing traditionally blue-collar clothing with casual or business attire.[17]

Retro eyeglasses[edit]

  • Perhaps the most conspicuous feature of hipster fashion to become mainstream in the early 2010s were "ironic glasses", also called "nerd glasses" or "hipster glasses",[24] used by the early emocore fans of the 1990s and early 2000s, especially male ones (though this early emo fashion never went mainstream, as most of the early post-hardcore and indie emo bands not influenced by pop punk).[25][26][27] Though the term initially referred to replica Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames worn with clear lenses or no lenses, by 2013 these had largely replaced by vintage-inspired spectacles more in line with what was worn by the average spectacle wearer in the 1950s and 1960s, such as thick horn-rimmed glasses, cat eye glasses, and browline glasses.[15] The resurgence of interest in 1960s fashions was due to the TV show Mad Men on American, British, Italian and Australian fashion.[28]

Women's clothing[edit]

Early 2010s (2010–2012)[edit]

Designers and models[edit]

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, 2011

1980s influences[edit]

Dark 1980s inspired skinny jeans popular in Russia, 2010
  • The early 2010s, so far, have seen many recycled fashions from the 1950s,[31] 1970s and 1980s as designers from stores like Topshop replicated original vintage clothing. In the United States, it is popular to wear designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Versace, neon colors such as pink, green, teal, black, purple, and yellow.[32]

Leggings and Snuggies[edit]

3D printing[edit]

  • 3D printed clothing became available at the high end of the market in the early and mid 2010s. Designer Iris van Herpen started showing 3D printed pieces as early as 2010 Amsterdam Fashion week.[52][53] In 2012, Continuum Fashions launched printed shoes.[54] In 2013, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese wore a gown printed into rigid nylon, specifically designed for her body.[55]

Mid-2010s (2013–16)[edit]

Indian actress Sameera Reddy wearing contrasting black and white top

Return of anti-fashion[edit]

  • In America and Australia, metallic and "hologram" clothing became fashionable in 2013.[72] This fad, inspired by science fiction movies, was popularised by pop stars and actresses like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Black and white clothing[edit]

  • In the United Kingdom, Australasia and the United States, women's cream blazers and tuxedo jackets often have contrasting black velvet or satin lapels.[82] Many young women in Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom, wear black and white converse all-stars, as well as many young men in Brazil (who may still dress wholly in black and white), especially ubiquitous for those that were punks, metalheads, goths, emos, or scene kids for a part of their lives.[83]
  • In China and North Korea, black and white polka dot dresses became fashionable from spring 2013 onwards.[84] In Britain, polka dot shirts in black, blue, red or brown, were worn by both women, and fashion-conscious male hipsters, due to the influence of pop stars Victoria Beckham and Harry Styles. Burberry released a high-end version of the classic blouse featuring hearts as an alternative to the 1950s inspired dots.[85]


Men's clothing[edit]

Italian slim-fit suits, often in grey rather than the navy blue of the 2000s, became popular in the UK, USA, China and Russia due to the success of movies like Bond 22, and the TV show Mad Men.

Early 2010s (2010–2012)[edit]

Bright colors and retro styles[edit]

  • Neon colors and elaborate T-shirts were popular for much of the early 2010s, especially graphic print hoodies, novelty socks, red or blue skinny jeans, studded belts with large buckles, and Ed Hardy T shirts embellished with rhinestones.[89] By fall 2012, the gaudy Ed Hardy shirts had largely gone out of fashion, except in the US, where the style maintains popularity amongst a certain subset of college-aged clubgoers,[90] who have been stereotyped as "guidos",[91] jocks and lounge lizards.[92]

Indie look[edit]

Ivy League look[edit]

Pop group One Direction wearing classic preppy clothing

Slim-fit suits[edit]

Australian man wearing slim-fit velvet jacket with singer Megan Washington, 2013.
  • In the early and mid-2010s, European and American formal designers imitate the fashions of the 1930s[116] and 1950s, including single-breasted suits with peaked lapels[117] inspired by the TV show Boardwalk Empire.[118] By 2010, the navy blue popular since the 1990s was replaced by grey or black,[119] and the stripes on pinstripe suits became narrower[120] and more closely spaced.[121]

Prewar influences[edit]

Mid-2010s (2013–present)[edit]

Army surplus camo worn as street fashion in the UK

1990s revival[edit]

Outdoor wear[edit]

Youth fashion[edit]

Indie and hipster[edit]

Scene kids[edit]

Classic preppy[edit]

Skater and Sneakerhead fashion[edit]


  • Hip-hop fans wear tactical pants, Nike Air Jordans, Ralph Lauren Polo Boots, Obey and Diamond Supply Co. T-Shirts and snapbacks, Hollister T shirts, and goggle jackets.[174][175] Retro 1980s fashions like snapbacks, skinny acid wash jeans, Baseball caps, Baseball jackets, Tracksuits, Varsity Jackets, Vans, Chuck Taylors, Rain boots, Retro Nikes, Shell Tube socks, Denim jackets, Levis, Adidas and Nike apparel, Gold Chains,Ray Ban Sunglasses, Air Jordans, oversized sweaters, and colors like red, green, and yellow, made a comeback in the African American community due to the influence of drum and bass, rave music, and indie pop-inspired rappers. Brands such as "Supreme" rise in popularity (Popularized by hip hop collective Odd Future) as well as floral print items and tie-dye items. Button-down shirts are often worn fully buttoned, rather than the partially buttoned looks sported elsewhere.
  • Fashion designers such as Riccardo Tisci and Rick Owens begin to gain a new popularity within hip hop, popularized by rappers such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Such designers inspire a "darker" aesthetic involving monochromatic colour schemes (usually black or grey), extra-long shirts usually sporting over-sized neck openings and asymmetrical hems, skinny jeans that are worn with long inseams and an aggressive taper to cause bunching up or "stacks" near the ankle (A style heavily popularized and sported by rapper Kanye West.) and high top sneakers. Black boots, leather jackets, denim vests, bombers, monochrome sports jerseys, waxed jeans, black varsity jackets, tapered sweatpants, drop-crotch trousers, layering shorts over leggings and occasionally floral print are all popular trends within this style as well. Other notable rappers that sport this look include Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, and Pusha T.


Latin American particularities[edit]

  • In Brazil, neon colorido fashion, popularized by teen pop groups like Restart, and indie kids (that in South America do not represent a group separate from hipster fashion), eclipsed to a degree the emo-pop and other similar-themed scene youth fashions popularized by emo-pop/pop punk bands like NX Zero and Fresno.[168] Somewhat similar in appearance to the apparel of British and American scene kids, the brightly colored colorido clothing was particularly popular in the central big cities like São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande and Cuiabá for much of the early 2010s,[184] where emo-pop fashion was brought and was also most popular, leading to a sudden marked difference and to the recognition of the coloridos as the continuation of the emos (an unpopular impression, sometimes taken as an insult, among members of both groups). The style lasted until mid-2013, when both the gaudy cartoon print and the neon clothing went out of fashion except in some northern and northeastern Brazilian cities, such as Manaus and Fortaleza.

Hair and makeup of the 2010s[edit]

Women's hairstyles[edit]

  • As of 2011, Brazilian women, especially those straight- and wavy-haired from the Southeastern and Northeastern regions of the country, favor informal mid- and long-haired female versions of a "faux-hawk" (actually a marked and high topknot, not involving a real special haircut), the so-called topete moicano, moicano festa or moicano feminino, as a casual all-purpose hairstyle, used for everything but formal workplace, and is ubiquitous in parties.[190][191][192]

Men's hairstyles[edit]

Example of the Hitler Youth haircut and designer stubble worn by footballer David Beckham, 2012
  • For European men over 25, short hair is considered mainstream,[197] although it has become increasingly popular since the mid-2000s to grow it out "short with texture", with blunt ends inspired by contemporary pop groups.[198] 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s haircuts have undergone a revival, with many British professionals wearing businessman's haircuts with side partings,[199] quiffs[200] or slicked back hair.[201][202]
  • Since the late 1990s, and generalizing to most places and social classes as of the early 2010s, in urban non-Southern Cone South America (traditional and worker class Argentine, southern Brazilian, Uruguayan and Chilean men have long been not religiously keen to short hair), hair cut after the ear level or longer among white, mestizo or generally straight- and wavy-haired men using it unkempt (it was kind of acceptable for black men to wear afros, dreadlocks or similar hairstyles, but not men of other races) is no longer avoided in most mainstream workplaces or seen as a taboo, characteristic of homosexuality or loyalty to adolescent, rebellious or left-leaning subcultures – the military dictatorships that ruled much of the region in the mid-to-late 20th century often forced the adoption of traditional gender roles at all spheres of public life, and labelling those males not fitting to them as left-wingers, thus 'immoral', 'anti-social', 'vagabonds' or what else negative connotations the government propaganda accused at them –, and can be used without attracting unwanted attention or comments at pretty much everywhere (actually, they started to attract positive mainstream straight female attention, after love for such being many decades confined to the rock music fanbase).[192][203][204][205]
  • In Britain, the United States and Australia, facial hair was a defining characteristic of male hipsters,[208] who embraced it for its historical associations of masculinity and artistry, as well as its perceived anti-corporate connotations. Full beards and particularly mustaches were popular amongst hipsters; neatly trimmed, short goatees were eschewed for their established popularity among mainstream American men.[citation needed] Many hipsters who grew mustaches groomed them in styles popular in various historical eras, such as the Victorian age or the 1970s; such mustaches were known as "ironic mustaches", or, pejoratively, "hipster mustaches".[citation needed]

Youth hairstyles[edit]

  • Around 2012, a long undercut or mohawk-like haircut, in which only one side of the head is buzzed, became popular among circles of ravers, metalcore, and dubstep fans in the US, possibly because of its similarity to that of musician Skrillex.[224] The High Top Fade, often with a bleached blonde streak inspired by Wiz Khalifa, came back into style among African American youth on the West Coast; variations include the Gumby, a slanted box with one side higher than the other, and the Stairsteps, where the High Top is made uneven and gradually goes up higher.[citation needed]
  • In Latin America, the faux-hawk rebirthed as fashionable among working class teenage boys, who imitated the hairstyles of musicians and footballers like Neymar.[225][226][227][228] By the mid-2010s it spread into middle and upper class hipster fashion, and when combed over,[229] becomes a very popular haircut among the LGBT community in Southern Brazil, despite the disapproval of conservatives within the church and government.[230]

Makeup and body modifications[edit]


See also[edit]



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