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SAXX Underwear is a men’s underwear company that designs underwear to prevent contact between the scrotum and thighs.

The main feature of SAXX are the patented Comfort Side Panels that are inside the main compartment and create a hammock-like effect for the scrotum. In addition, the SAXX pouch has no internal seam and more room which promotes a natural resting position.[citation needed]


SAXX Underwear were invented in 2006 by Trent Kitsch, an athlete and an MBA student at the Richard Ivey School of Business at UWO. During a break, Kitsch went on a fishing trip with his dad where he spent three days in an ocean suit. By the third day Kitsch noticed discomfort due to prolonged contact between his scrotum and his legs and he began to envision a new design in men’s underwear that would prevent contact and be more comfortable. With the help of a fashion designer and input from professional athletes,[1] Kitsch was able to develop his ultimate idea of the invention, SAXX. Since the first production run of 200 pairs, SAXX has sold over 20,000 pairs both through retail stores and through its website. They are now licensed internationally and distributed by No Limits distribution.


Historically, SAXX has spent little on marketing. They gained national exposure and coverage on the CBC television show Dragons' Den. That season, Kitsch and SAXX generated the most votes for the best product that didn’t get a deal and won $50,000.[2] Saxx placed ads on two billboards in British Columbia.[3]


While the company states its underwear are for every man, everyday, SAXX are worn by baseballers Justin Morneau and Jeff Francis and Hollywood actors Taylor Kitsch and Jared Padalecki.[4]


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