Research highlights

Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment

The Australian Government is sponsoring a CSIRO investigation of opportunities for water and agricultural development in the Flinders and Gilbert catchments of North Queensland.

Bioregional Assessments

Investigating the potential direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) and coal mining development on water resources.

Pilbara Water Resource Assessment

CSIRO, the Government of Western Australia and BHP Billiton are partners on a comprehensive scientific assessment of long-term water availability in the Pilbara region, to guide responsible resource management into the future.

Sustainable Yields Projects

CSIRO is undertaking a comprehensive scientific assessment of current and future water availability in major water systems across Australia to provide a consistent framework for future water policy decisions.

Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment

CSIRO is reappraising the water resources of the Great Artesian Basin, which underlies about one-fifth of the Australian continent.

International engagement

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is working internationally to increase the impact of our research and to build our science excellence.

Improving water quality in the Great Barrier Reef

CSIRO, through the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, is undertaking research to underpin the effective management of water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

Research finding paves the way for increased water recycling via aquifers

Research has opened the way for the increased use of reclaimed water storage in aquifers through investigations into water quality targets which can reduce well clogging.

Managing mine water under extreme climate variability

Developing management strategies, assessing risks and addressing the challenges of both excessive and insufficient water on mine sites.

Managed aquifer recharge: turning wastewater into a resource

A Water for a Healthy Country Flagship project has helped to secure Australia’s water future through managed aquifer recharge.