Inspiring Australia

About Us

Inspiring Australia is the national strategy for engagement with the sciences, working across all levels of government and industry to promote science and science literacy in Australia.

Expert Working Groups

Inspiring Australia has commissioned six expert working groups to report on specific areas of science engagement in Australia. Their subsequent reports include key recommendations on how the science community can work together to improve science engagement.

Your Science Engagement Toolkit

Inspiring Australia is coordinating a range of resources and programmes to assist those in the science communication sector,
from researchers to journalists.

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Australia’s most prestigious awards for excellence in science research and science education are a key part of the Inspiring Australia strategy to recognise and tell the story of Australia’s achievements.

National Science Week

Unlocking Australia’s Potential Grants

Inspiring Australia has awarded $5 million to 63 science engagement projects nationally to increase Australia’s interest and involvement in science, with a particular focus on engaging youth, Indigenous Australians and regional communities.

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