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NRM South

Farm recovery and support following bushfire

In 2012/13 NRM South offered support to farmers affected by bushfires.

We are still supporting farmers who were affected by the 2013 fires, who have not already received support, through farm recovery planning and associated on-ground actions, including farm recovery and advice, managing soil erosion and future fire mitigation.

Recently opened Public Benefit Grants - Bushfire Recovery are able to provide support farmers affected by 2013 fires but also to additional activities such as bushfire preparedness or planning for this summer. Landholders and organizations that support affected farmers are eligible to apply.

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Making a positive difference to southern Tasmania

As one of the most environmentally diverse regions in Australia, southern Tasmania has a wealth of natural resources. Our soil, our water and our coastlines, and the vegetation and wildlife they support, underpin our economic prosperity and social wellbeing.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is about using these resources wisely and sustainably while protecting the environment. NRM South works closely with government, landholders, research organisations, community groups and others to build partnerships, lead on-ground action, and share resources and knowledge about our region.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that current and future generations of Tasmanians can benefit from our remarkable environment.

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