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Our Latest News

Fire advice for the February long weekend


Campers and bushwalkers are urged to be very careful with any campfires and to observe additional fire restrictions that may apply in parks and reserves as we head into a long weekend at the peak of the fire season.More

Maria Island ferry operator sought


The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is calling for expressions of interest for a single passenger ferry operator for Maria Island National Park.More

DVDs celebrate the Arthur-Pieman


A suite of three DVDs produced by the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) promotes the sustainable use of the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, its rich Aboriginal heritage and the passion of the people who live and work there.More

Podcasts and iPhone/iPad Apps

iPhone/iPad apps are for use on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Our apps are available from the iTunes Store.

Podcasting allows you to automatically download audio or video files to your computer so you can play audio or video on your computer at any time, or transfer the files to an iPod or portable MP3 or video player. The video files are provided in a variety of common formats.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service currently offers a range of podcasts covering a variety of topics.


iPhone/iPad Apps

Whales and Seals

Following on the success of our popular "Bird in the Hand" and "Frog Log" comes "Whales and Seals" - a guide to all the whales, dolphins and seals found in Tasmanian waters. The App is the perfect guide to the marine mammals of Tasmania, with outstanding photographs and drawings, distribution maps, details of biology and stranding records. It also provides a guide to whale and seal viewing and advice on what to do if you come across stranded whales or a "beached" seal. The App is available now for download from the iTunes Store.

60 Great Short Walks

The 60 Great Short Walks App shows you how to get a taste of Tasmania’s wild places, and be back in time for tea! The app features over 200 beautiful photographs; over 100 brief, first-hand stories from walkers; maps and other essential details for each walk; space to add notes, and to share your experience via social media; essential safety tips; and tips on caring for the environment as you walk. The 60 Great Short Walks app is available now, for free, from the iTunes Store.

Frog Log

The ultimate, hand-held guide to the frogs of Tasmania, with frog calls, high quality scalable images, information on habitat, distribution and breeding. You can even use the app to help us by 'logging' occurrences of frogs in the wild! This app is available from the iTunes Store.

A Bird in the Hand

With this app you can be sure of having not one, but 49 birds "in your hand" when you next head bush! As with Frog Log, you can use the app to assist us in recording occurrences of birds in the wild! This app is available from the iTunes Store.

Note that apps will only work on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Audio Podcasts

The Overland Track is Australia's premier bushwalk. Hear about the track and the wilderness it traverses with Peter Grant as he walks the track and speaks with the men and women who work and play in this majestic part of Tasmania.

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 1

| MP3 | Duration: 25:49mins | File size: 23.6Mb |

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 2

| MP3 | Duration: 16:22mins | File size: 23.1Mb |

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 3

| MP3 | Duration: 18:57mins | File size: 21.7Mb |

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 4

| MP3 | Duration: 17:43mins | File size: 21.2Mb |

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 5

| MP3 | Duration: 19:14mins | File size: 23.0Mb |

Overland Track Audio Podcast Day 6

| MP3 | Duration: 20:46mins | File size: 24.8Mb |

The Wombat

| MP3 | Duration: 28:00mins | File size: 32.1Mb |

Take a journey with Alaskan nature writer and broadcaster Richard Nelson as he discusses the fascinating life of the wombat. Recorded at Narawntapu National Park in northern Tasmania.


Video Podcasts

Overland Track  

| MP4 | Duration: 10:11mins | File size: 73 MB |

The Overland Track is Tasmania's premier bushwalk. This video podcast is a must for everyone who is contemplating doing Tasmania's premier bushwalk, the Overland Track. In it you will learn what to take and how to leave no trace.


Overland Track Podcast [59 MB]

The video is also as a YouTube video.



Port Davey Marine Reserve  

Part 1: | MP4 | Duration: 8:10mins | File size: 26 MB |
Part 2: | MP4 | Duration: 7:03mins | File size: 17 MB |

The Port Davey Marine Reserve encompasses some of the most unique marine environments on Earth. Discover the marine life beneath the tannin-stained waters and learn what you can do to minimise your impact when visiting the area. See our online Visitors Guide to Port Davey Marine Reserve for more details of this remarkable region of Tasmania.

Port Davey Podcast Part 1 [26 MB]
Port Davey Podcast Part 2 [17 MB]


Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

| MP4 | Duration: 4:17mins | File size: 8.30Mb |

The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area celebrated its 25th Anniversary in December 2007. In this video, an expert panel discusses with journalist Charles Wooley the many values of this globally significant region. See our online guide to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area for more details.

Also available as:

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The full length version (duration: 29:50 mins) of this podcast is available in three formats:


Dive Tasmania 

| MP4 | Duration: 2:49mins | File size: 10.07Mb |

The cool waters surrounding the island of Tasmania are famous throughout the diving community. Among the many highlights are the towering kelp forests, colouful sponge gardens and underwater sea caves. See our online Visitors Guide to Marine Reserves for more details of Tasmania's marine reserves.

Also available as:

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Beneath Tasmanian Waters

| MP4 | Duration: 1:50mins | File size: 6.50Mb |

A brief overview of some of the marine life to be encountered beneath Tasmanian waters. Our online Visitors Guide to Marine Reserves provides further details on the natural heritage within Tasmania's marine reserves.

Also available as:

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Bushwalking in Tasmania - the basics

| MP4 | Duration: 14:18mins | File size: 49.26Mb |

Tasmania has some of the best bushwalking (hiking) opportunities in the world. However, even if you are a highly experienced walker it is vital that you are well prepared for Tasmanian conditions. This video podcast will give you some pointers before undertaking a walk in the Tasmanian wilderness. Our online Essential Guide to Bushwalking provides further details.

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