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From this page you will be able to access information and guidelines on different types of licences, how to get a licence, what to do if you have lost your licence, any information you may need to provide when applying for a licence including any fees that may occur

General Information

List of Service Tasmania shop locations , New to Tasmania

Driving in Tasmania
When is a licence required , Licence classes, Conditions, Compulsory carriage of a driver licence, Evidence of Identity , Driver Licence application (PDF 259KB)

Renewing, replacing or updating your licence
Renewing , Lost licence, Replacing , Change of name or address , Getting a licence when out of the state , Tick Photokit checklist (PDF 106KB)

Exemptions & rebates (concessions & discounts available)
Application for Pension/Healthcare Card Concession (PDF 70KB) - (Word 67KB)

Licence Conditions
Conditions , Automatic licence

Older Drivers
Requirements for drivers aged 65 and over

Getting a car Licence

Non-novice Learner (held a full car licence previously)
Car learner licence , Progressing to a full licence

Novice (If you've never held a full drivers licence)
Step by step process outlined for obtaining a Novice car licence , Car learner licence , Provisional P1 licence , Provisional P2 licence , Full licence , Lost Logbook (PDF 39KB) , Offence Free Driving Reward, (PDF 104KB) (WORD 50KB) , Exemption from 28 day Period between Assessment (PDF 184KB) , Exemption from the Minimum Car Learner Period (PDF 644KB) (WORD 188KB)

Practice the driver knowledge test (DKTS) on line before attending a Service Tasmania Shop

Getting a motorcycle licence

Non-novice (held a full motorcycle licence previously)
Motorcycle learner licence , Progressing to a full licence

Novice (You're a novice rider if you've never held a full motorcycle licence)
Step by step process outlined for obtaining a Novice motorcycle licence Learner , Provisional P1 licence , Provisional P2 licence , Full motorcycle licence

Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMs Approved)
Fact sheet , List of approved motorcycles

Other Licences

Getting a heavy vehicle licence 
Check the requirements to progress to a different Class of licence , Learner licence , Full licence

Ancillary certificate
Public passenger vehicle licence , Driving instructor

Wheelchair Licence
Operating wheelchairs

Knowledge tests and on road assessments

Road Rules , About your driving assessment , A guide to driving assessments , Driver competency standards , Supervisory driver , External service providers , Pre learner Motorcycle training course , Pre-provisional motorcycle training course , Alternate operator skill test

Medical conditions and driving

Fitness to drive standards , Medical Fitness to Drive Assessment (PDF 1.4MB) , Assessing Fitness to Drive-Patient Questionnaire (PDF 137KB)

Demerits and Offences

Demerit point offences , Court disqualifications , MPES suspensions , Period of good behaviour , Probationary licence , Restricted licence , Surrendering your licence , Getting your licence back , Most common traffic infringement offences , Can I have a decision regarding my licence reviewed?

Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program
Overview, FAQ's, Exemption and Fee Waiver (offence trigger prior to 31 July 2013)


Driving machinery, Forklifts and wheelchairs, Tractor exemption , HV exemption , Seatbelt exemption , Helmet exemptions , Learner exemption28-day exemption


Licence fees , Other feesConcessions and rebates

Assistance and services available

Interpreter , Hearing impaired , Search of records , ID Scanning - Your privacy rights


Tasmanian Road Rules , Novice driver logbook L1 , Novice driver handbook L2 , Supervisory drivers' handbook , A guide to your driving assessments , Tasmanian heavy vehicle drivers' handbook , Tasmanian motorcycle riders handbook , Tasmanian older drivers' handbook


Statutory Declaration (PDF 83KB) - (WORD 83KB)
Statutory Declaration - Mutual Recognition (PDF) - (WORD 49KB)
Release of Information Employer & Employee Application (PDF 81KB) - (WORD 34KB)
Application for Release of Information (PDF 261KB) - (WORD 87KB)