You've heard about it in the news & from your friends - how bad are the cuts for Tassie in reality?

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Report confirms pressure on Tasmanian hospitals

A snapshot of Tasmania’s health system has confirmed the state’s major hospitals are under increasing pressure. The Health Department’s progress chart shows Tasmanians are spending longer than recommended in emergency departments. Only 59 per cent were moved from the Royal Hobart Hospital’s emergency department within the recommended time frame this year. The department notes there…

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Robbery spike linked to budget cuts

Tasmania’s police union has drawn a direct link between State Government budget cuts and a rise in armed robberies. The state’s hotels, bottle shops, service stations and even corner shops have been targeted by armed robbers over the past few months. The number of armed robberies has jumped from 54 in the 2009/10 financial year…

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Police cuts worry for pubs

THE police team responsible for halting anti-social behaviour on the Hobart waterfront has become another victim of State Government budget cuts. Hoteliers fear the great work done by police in making Hobart’s streets safer is unravelling already. The Public Order Response Team was the highly visible unit that walked major entertainment and shopping districts in…

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