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Libs’ Plan to cut red and Green tape: A fairer planning system

To encourage investment and create jobs, investors need to have confidence that the planning system is fair  for all parties.

Under Labor and the Greens, the balance has swung too far in favour of those who are against development.

A majority Hodgman Liberal Government will make our planning system fairer for all, encouraging investment and job creation, while protecting the rights of Tasmanians.



Cracking down on third party appeals:

Labor and the Greens have allowed anti-development front groups to abuse the appeal process in our planning system.

For example, appeals from green groups has delayed the opening of new and much needed mining activity in the state’s north-west.

A majority Liberal government will crack down on third party appeals, introducing a test limiting those able to make a third party appeal to those directly affected by a proposed development, or to community groups with a long standing interest – not groups expressly set up to oppose development.

Further, we will make any legislative amendments required to award costs to the successful party in an appeal as is the norm in other legal proceedings. This measure will ensure Tasmania is in line with other jurisdictions and will act as another deterrent to third party appeals designed to simply obstruct.

Making unreasonable objectors pay:

In addition to restricting who may appeal development applications, a majority Liberal Government will increase the fee required to lodge an appeal of a decision with the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT). Appealing a decision is a serious matter and the fee should reflect this.

Until recently parties only needed to pay approximately $70 to lodge an appeal. Late last year, Labor belatedly increased that fee to approximately $300. We will double that fee to $600 which is more in line with a fee for a writ in the Supreme Court for matters of this magnitude.

This change will not prevent people from lodging their concerns by way of a representation to a project during the normal planning approval process with Councils. However, once the project has received approval, this new fee will apply for appeals to RMPAT.

Successful appellants will have their fees refunded when awarded costs in their favour.

Together, these two new measures will drastically reduce the number of frivolous planning appeals, and enable investors and developers to proceed with much more certainty once their application has been approved.