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Reducing anti-social behaviour in our communities

The Liberals will reduce serious anti-social behaviour and aggression in our communities by implementing a three strikes and you're out rule for public housing tenants.

While the vast majority of public housing residents are great neighbours, there are some who display severe and aggressive anti-social behaviours, or maliciously damage public housing property.

A majority Liberal Government will implement a three-strikes warning system for those who continue these behaviours.

Similar policies have been implemented by community housing organisations in other States, and have been shown to curb anti-social behaviour significantly. *

Aggression and serious anti-social behaviour, including trespassing and vandalism, can be a nightmare for neighbours, whether they are other public housing or private housing residents, and can cause enormous anxiety for victims, particularly children.

Tenants can be evicted if they do not adhere to a strict code of conduct. Fair warning will be given, but the code and the three-strike warnings are about highlighting the serious consequences of engaging in anti-social behaviour.

If evicted under the three strike system, a tenant can re-enter the public housing system after a period of time, but could be subject to short-term leases and contracts for behaviour.

A majority Liberal Government will also significantly speed up the turnover rate, offering new tenants the option of moving into vacated properties within a week. 

This has the benefit of protecting housing property, allowing people to be housed sooner, and generating savings from reduced arson and vandalism.

We will also develop reward scheme to provide due recognition to good tenants in public housing who care for their properties.

Our reward program will be developed after engaging stakeholders and public housing tenants. 

We believe incentives are needed, as well as deterrents like the three strike warnings, to ensure people can live in their neighbourhoods in safety and peace.

This is a balanced approach that protects the needs and rights of tenants, private owners and the broader community.