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Services offered by Quill Australia

Quill Australia provides full project management and documentation services. We have special expertise in large-scale system roll-outs. If you are planning a major implementation of a software system then we can help with the planning of the project and the implementation which follows.

We can help plan and implement the infrastructure you will need to carry out a major organisational change, working with you from start to finish, or we may be able to help simply by preparing some on-the-job procedures or customised training. We provide as much or as little as our clients need. By listening to our customers and understanding their goals and constraints, we aim to support enterprises effectively and promptly.

We offer services in four main areas:

Configuring large software systems

Large software systems always require considerable configuration prior to going live. Sometimes this process can take one or two years to complete and should be carefully estimated when establishing the project.

This article provides some hints and tips for project managers who are embarking on such an endeavour. [Full article]

Our current projects

We are currently working with a local fish processing company to implement a major financial / production / logistics / harvesting / warehousing software system. The software is complex and requires very exacting configuration.

This reminds us of the project we began in 1990 with Vic Roads where we worked with them implementing the Mincom MIMS system. We spent three years helping them develop training and documentation materials and delivering many training courses to their staff.

We are also working with a State Government agency in Australia to determine whether there are any suitable COTS packages available to carry out their Budget Management functions.

Associated businesses

Quill Australia is primarily a computer consultancy. We spend most of our time working for our clients helping them implement new computer systems or new business processes. However we also maintain three other businesses that we enjoy. The links to these are provided below:

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