The Royal Society of Tasmania – Lecture Program for 2015


3rd March   Matt King Continental loss: The quest to determine Antarctica’s contribution to sea-level change
8th April   John Thorne and Ian Geard Food Plant Solutions Note: This is a Wednesday, due to Easter
5th May   Friends of Maatsuyker Island
2nd June Nicki Tarulevicz A cultural history of food in Singapore

7th July   Doctoral award winner
4th August   Alison Alexander Jane Franklin: the real founder of the Royal Society of Tasmania
1st September   David Wilson Limestone in Papua New Guinea
6th October   Postgrad evening
3rd November  Rachel Popelka-Filcoff Tracing the Past: Characterisation of Indigenous Australian Pigments to Understand Technology and Exchange

20th November  Dr Brandon Menzies will present his research into thylacine DNA.    Joint lecture with Association of Von Humboldt Fellows



All lectures, except the Winter Series, take place in the Royal Society of Tasmania Room, The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Davey Street (enter from Dunn Street) at 8 pm.

Winter Series is held in the Stanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS, Sandy Bay starting at 7.30 pm.