Winter Lecture Series June – July 2015 – Theme: Scientific Advances in Understanding The Evolution of Life on Earth over the Last 3.5 Billion Years

Venue: University of Tasmania, Stanley Burbury Theatre

1. Evolution and Generation of Life on the Early Earth

Wednesday June 24    7.30pm
Lecture 1. The Theory of Evolution – What have we learnt since Charles Darwin? – Professor John Long, Flinders University.    More Information

Lecture 2. The Early Earth and Generation of Life (the first billion years) – Professor Malcom Walter, Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University of NSW.

2. Middle Earth – the Slingshot of Life

Wednesday July 15th   7.30pm

Lecture 3. The Boring Billion Years in Earth History and its Significance – Indrani Mukherjee, PhD student, University of Tasmania.

Lecture 4.  The Cambrian Explosion of Life and Rise of Marine Species – Dr Diego Bellido-Garcia, University of Adelaide.

3. Life in the last 500 million years; Mass Extinctions, Volcanoes and Meteorites

Wednesday July 22nd 7.30pm

Lecture 5. The Five Great Mass Extinction Events – what was their cause, and when is the next? – Distinguished Professor Ross Large, University of Tasmania.

Lecture 6. Mega Volcanic Eruptions and the Greatest Mass Extinction of all Time – Professor Jocelyn McPhie, University of Tasmania.