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Boundary Fences - contains link to self help kit.

Wills - general principles.

Bankruptcy - general principles.

Young People - Law for the Under 18's


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Telephone Advice Service


The factsheets have been written for the Tasmanian public and cover matters which we regularly receive queries about. They are intended as an introduction to a topic and include links to the relevant legislation.

Consumer - list of factsheets related to the consumer. Includes topics such as Customer Rights.

Crime - list of factsheets on Criminal Law matters. Includes Arrest and Questioning, Family Violence, Going to the Magistrates Court and Criminal Injuries Compensation.

Family - list of factsheets on Family Law matters. Includes Children and Parental Responsibility, Property, Grandparents, De Facto Relationships and Personal Relationships.

Individual - list of factsheets on topics covering personal issues. Includes Bankruptcy, Employment, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Wills and Estates and the Law for those Under 18.

Living in the Community - list of factsheets on community and neighbourhood matters. Includes the topics Boundary Fences and Dog Ownership.

Factsheet Index - complete list of all the factsheets under each category.

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