Corporate Plan 2015-18

​The Corporate Plan outlines our strategic direction and key priorities over the next three years.

The Plan will assist us in our work as Tasmania's lead natural resources agency, responsible for the sustainable management, use and protection of the State's natural resources and cultural heritage for the benefit of the Tasmanian community.

The date of publication is July 2015 with Copyright: State of Tasmania, 2015.

  DPIPWE Corporate Plan 2015-18   (4Mb)

See also: DPIPWE's Annual Reports for information about the Department's performance.

The DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan is a draft which has been provided to DPIPWE employees for feedback.

This document sets out an action plan that will provide direct and decisive action to address DPIPWE’s gender equality problem.

  DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan - Draft 1.0   (903Kb)


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