Facts & Figures

Industry Profiles and ScoreCards present a snapshot of each industry from the farmgate/beach to the packer/processor and markets overseas, interstate and locally. They provide an easy way to see how value is captured along the chain and to assess the value of each sector to the Tasmanian economy.

In this Topic

  • Industry ScoreCards
    The ScoreCard is a method of describing what is the highly diversified food and beverage industry in Tasmania.
  • Statistical Information on Agriculture
    The global competitiveness of the Tasmanian Agricultural sectors is influenced by the ability to understand and respond to changing market and trade situations.
  • Employment in Primary Industries and Food Value Adding
    Employment statistics for Primary Industries taken from 2011 ABS data. This report is a reference for people to refer to rather than provide a description of the nature of employment.

See also market profile fact sheets produced under the Wealth from Water pilot program (Refer Investing in Irrigation pages). Information is available on a wide range of enterprise options from wheat and onions, to hemp and hazelnuts, and many more.