Natural Heritage Strategy for Tasmania (2013-2030)

Natural Heritage Strategy 2013 - coverIn November 2013 the Natural Heritage Strategy for Tasmania (2013-2030): Securing our Natural Advantage was released. The strategy is a long-term plan for conserving Tasmania's rich and diverse natural heritage. It addresses the single biggest challenge for conservation planning - climate change - along with other pressures such as risks from invasive species and disease.

Nature conservation and environmental biosecurity work conducted by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment will be guided by the strategy. The strategy also seeks to provide guidance for the conservation, management and protection of natural heritage in Tasmania by other natural resource managers.

The strategy recognises that Tasmania's natural environment is faced with a broad range of challenges, including a changing climate, introduced pests and diseases, and habitat loss which singly and in combination will pose continuing and new issues for conservation in Tasmania. The strategy aims to improve conservation outcomes in Tasmania by taking a coordinated, strategic landscape approach to conservation and management. This involves engaging land managers on public and private land to integrate conservation across land tenure and land uses.

The strategy will also help Tasmanians to take advantage of the opportunities our unique heritage provides, and to secure our natural advantage for generations to come.

Important focus areas of the strategy include:
    • Adopting a landscape scale approach to conservation.
    • Planning for, and responding to, climate change.
    • Strengthening environmental biosecurity.
    • Implementing a more holistic risk-based approach to marine conservation.
    • Developing more effective threatened species management.
    • Strengthening partnerships with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, and increasing stakeholder and community involvement in conservation activities.
    • Reviewing Tasmania's legislation, policies and procedures to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and efficacy.
The strategy has been developed in consultation with stakeholders in Tasmania. Successful implementation will require all stakeholders working together.

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