Current Programs

The Invasive Species Branch (ISB) has responsibility for providing technical support for the management of responses to terrestrial vertebrate invasive animals, marine pests and all declared weeds in Tasmania. A number of new and emerging threats, as well as established invasive species, will be targeted by the ISB.

A range of invasive species are already established in Tasmania, including European rabbits, feral cats and some declared weeds. These invasive species will be targeted with containment or asset protection activities with affected landowners. ISB will provide advice, and support stakeholders and the community in managing impacts.

New and emerging threats such as European red foxes, Indian mynas, rainbow lorikeets and agile wallabies will be targeted with prevention, detection or eradication activities. ISB will provide technical advice and support for managing the response to incursions.

You can assist in keeping invasive species out of Tasmania by being on the lookout for invasive animals and weeds. Report your sightings to the Invasive Species Hotline 1300 369 688.

The following pages provide information about current ISB programs for the management or eradication of invasive species in Tasmania. For further information about the Invasive Species Branch, please visit the About the Invasive Species Branch webpage.

In this Topic

  • The Great Poo Hunt 2014
    The Invasive Species Branch undertook a predator scat survey in 2014 to gather data about invasive species activity in eastern Tasmania.
  • Fox Eradication Program
    The Fox Eradication Program was an integrated eradication effort to prevent foxes from establishing in Tasmania. It commenced in 2006 and was completed in 2014.


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