Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2014-2019

The import, use and development of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Tasmania, along with any other dealings, are regulated by numerous laws at both the Commonwealth and State levels.

The Tasmanian Genetically Modified Organisms Control Act 2004 (the Act) provides the basis for the moratorium and regulates dealings with GMOs for ‘marketing purposes’.

The Tasmanian Government will maintain a moratorium on the commercial release of GMOs into the Tasmanian environment for five years until November 2019.

This Policy will be reviewed before November 2019.

The Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2014-2019 is an overarching document that outlines the Government’s intention to maintain a GMO moratorium.

  Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2014-2019 August 2014   (444Kb)

The Tasmanian Gene Technology Guidelines describe the dealings that may be authorised under the Act.

  Tasmanian Gene Technology Guidelines August 2014   (480Kb)

A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) summary is also available.

  Decision Regulatory Impact Statement - GMO Act Amendment Summary   (601Kb)

Monitoring Program

AgriGrowth Tasmania will implement an evidence-based GMO monitoring program to continuously assess developments in gene technology to build a better understanding of consumer preference and supply chain dynamics, as well as market and branding implications. Refer to the Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2014-2019

The first annual Environmental Scan on developments in gene technology and market changes was completed in 2015. Below is a copy of the 2015 Environmental Scan report.

​​    GMO Annual Environment Scan   (649Kb)​


2013 Review into the Moratorium on GMOs in Tasmania

The 2013 Departmental review into the GMO moratorium is also available.



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