Natural Resource Management

2015 NRM Review

In 2015, the Tasmanian Government reviewed the effectiveness of Tasmania's two principal instruments for natural resource management: the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Framework 2002 and the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. The review's findings and recommendations are outlined in the 2015 NRM Review Final Report.

What is Natural Resource Management?

The term natural resources refers to a broad spectrum of 'environmental assets'. These include air, water, land, plants, animals and micro-organisms. Individual assets are not isolated; they are linked together to form natural systems of varying scale such as rivers, lakes and wetlands, estuaries and coasts, forests, fields and geological systems.

Natural resource management reflects these linkages within and between natural systems. It integrates the management of social, economic and environmental values by involving the community and industry in planning and decision making.

Natural resource management is fundamentally about people. The success of natural resource management is ultimately determined by the level of community involvement and the adoption of ecologically sustainable practices across the community.

Natural Resource Management in Australia

Natural Resource Management has been fostered and developed in Australia over the past two decades by a number of Government programs, both Commonwealth and State, and through regional and local initiatives.

Funding assistance and support has been directed to hundreds of natural resource management projects and has encouraged broad community involvement: marshalling the commitment of community groups, land holders and land managers, all three tiers of government, as well as bodies dedicated to NRM program delivery.

View the Australian Government's NRM web site

Tasmanian NRM Framework and Legislation

Tasmania has adopted an approach to natural resource management that aims at bringing together industry, resource users, land managers and conservation interests. The Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Framework 2002 and the Natural Resource Management Act 2002, provide a structure and mechanisms for delivering effective management of natural resources in the State.

A 2015 review of the Act and Framework has been completed.

A review in 2007-2009 examined the effectiveness of the Tasmanian Framework after five years of operation and reaffirmed its commitment to retain, and to strengthen, the Framework and the Act.

NRM Regions Tasmania

NRM North
NRM Cradle Coast
NRM South


National NRM Resources

For those wishing to know more about NRM nationally please see NRM state and national resources.

NRM State Government Contacts

For general information about the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Framework, contact the Policy and Conservation Advice Branch of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Division.


Dr Alice Morris
Acting Section Head (Policy)
Policy & Conservation Advice Branch
Natural and Cultural Heritage Division
134 Macquarie Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 03 6165 4414

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