Office of the Valuer-General (OVG)

The Valuer-General is the statutory government officer responsible for establishing and maintaining municipal valuation rolls used for local government rating and tax purposes under the Valuation of Land Act 2001. The Valuer-General is also responsible for the competitive tendering system which awards contracts for valuation services under the Act and for monitoring the quality of valuation services performed by contractors.

The process of acquisition of land by government agencies and the assessment of compensation for dispossessed land owners under the Land Acquisition Act 1993 is also administered by the Valuer-General.

In this Topic

  • About the Office of the Valuer-General
    Outlines the main functions and services provided, plus contacts.
  • Acts Administered by the Valuer-General
    List of Acts administered by the Valuer-General with links to the Tasmanian Legislation website.
  • Municipal Revaluation Schedule
    Office of the Valuer-General revaluation schedule for Tasmanian municipalities.
  • Municipal Revaluations
    Municipal revaluations are currently performed once every six years. One-third of councils are revalued every two years.
  • Notice of Valuation
    The Notice of Valuation is used to inform land owners and lessees of changes to property valuation details.
  • Property Valuation Adjustment Factors
    The Valuer-General provides rating and taxing authorities with market-based adjustment factors, that will be applied to existing property valuations in between the current six-yearly revaluation cycle.
  • Forms
    Forms used by the Office of the Valuer-General as specified in the Valuation of Land Act 2001
  • Fees & Charges
    Details of the Office of the Valuer-General's fees and charges.
  • OVG Valuation Services Contractors
    Valuation Services Contractors engaged by the Office of the Valuer-General to undertake statutory services for the revaluation process.