Place Naming (Nomenclature) in Tasmania

In Tasmania, the official naming of places is primarily the responsibility of the Nomenclature Board. The Board undertakes research and investigation into the origin, priority and usage of place names and assigns official place names in accordance with the Rules for Place Names in Tasmania.

Placenames Tasmania, available at is the authoritative register of place names, and facilitates the management of place names in Tasmania.

The Nomenclature Board is constituted and operates under the statutory authority of the Survey Co-ordination Act 1944.

In this Topic

  • Nomenclature Board of Tasmania
    History, membership, functions and responsibilities of the Nomenclature Board.
  • Development of Proposed New Place Names Legislation
    The Minister for Primary Industries and Water has endorsed development of proposed new place names legislation with a view to modernising the administrative processes of official place naming.
  • Gazettals of Place Names
    Details of recent notices for the assignment or alteration of official place names in Tasmania.
  • Placenames Tasmania
    Placenames Tasmania is the register of official names in Tasmania.
  • Rules and Processes
    A summary of how official names are assigned to places and features in Tasmania.
  • Aboriginal and Dual Naming
    Processes for the naming of Tasmanian natural features and places with Aboriginal names.
  • Tasmanian Road Route Codes
    The signing scheme is based on the United Kingdom system whereby zones have been created and routes chosen according to their importance to the motorist.
  • LISTmap and Official Names
    LISTmap users can identify any named road by searching on its official name. The official name is the one by which a feature is commonly known in the public domain, and signposted, and to which a road is addressed.


Nomenclature Board (Secretary)
134 Macquarie Street
Phone: 03 6165 4444