Spatial Information Foundations

The Tasmanian Government's award-winning Spatial Information Foundations project developed a contemporary platform for the management and distribution of spatial information about Tasmania. 

Through this work, the Tasmanian Government aims to improve the quality and timeliness of service delivery and decision-making, especially in the areas of planning, economic development, policy development and emergency management.

The improved use of spatial information will also facilitate successful implementation of key government initiatives and priorities.

The development of Spatial Information Foundations is part of the Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy, and supports Tasmania's Economic Development Plan,  Sense-T and government strategies for planning reform.

​New state-of-the-art spatial information infrastructure

  • Enhanced LIST user interface - for improved access to a wider range of spatial information

  • New web-based spatial data and services directory - for better discoverability and efficient use of available resources

  • High speed delivery of remotely sensed imagery and other spatial data - through LISTmap and web services

  • New capabilities for the visualisation and integration of planning information

  • Address validation services - for better management and verification of address information held by government

  • Common Operating Platform (COP) for Tasmania's emergency service organisations - providing a mapped view of shared information for use in critical emergency incident planning and response activities

  • Tasmanian Imagery Program - a sustainable approach to the ongoing acquisition and delivery of remotely sensed imagery


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