Datum Modernisation

​​​​​​​A national working group has been established to enable the introduction of a new datum for Australia.

Simply, the Australian techtonic plate is moving up to 7cm per year and our current datum GDA94 is being left behind. By 2020 their will be 1.8m ​​difference between the coordinates from GDA94 and those global coordinates provided by your smartphone or tablet. 

A two stage approach is being implemented:

Stage 1 will provide a new plate fixed or static datum that will coincide with global coordinates in 2020 called GDA2020, with coordinates that do not change with time. Implementation will begin 1 January 2017.

Stage 2 will implement a long term solution with a reference frame that will allow locations of points and their movement to be modelled, accommodating coordinates that can change over time, called ATRF. Implementation will begin from 1 January 2020.

See below for more detail and information about datums and the datum modernisation project.​

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The online questionnaire on "Modernising Australia's Datum" closed on May 27. Thank you to all those who responded​
.  The results will now be collated and a summary report published shortly.



The Intergovernmental Committee for Surveying and Mapping website includes further information.

Datum Modernisation available resources:

Datum modernisation overview.

Frequently asked Questions

GDA Modernisation Implementation Working Group (GMIWG)​

Land Tasmania hosted the Modernising Australia's Datum Forum on the 13th April 2016, for details:

  Modernising Australias Datum   (164Kb)  Flyer and Forum outline

  Datum Modernisation Why When How   (1Mb)  The Why, What and How presentation (Julian Gill)

  Datum Modernisation technical aspects   (2Mb)​  The technical aspects presentation (Scott Strong)​

  Land Tasmania Datum Worshop Discussion Summary April 2016   (50Kb)​ Matters raised during workshop

Land Tasmania will present on Modernising Australia's Datum​ at the upcoming DPIPWE Spatial Forum on the​ 13th July 2016, contact Julian for details.​


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