Caring for Wildlife

A guide to what you can do to help ensure the continued survival of Tasmania's unique and precious wildlife. Let's not lose Tasmania's natural advantage!

In this Topic

  • Keeping Wildlife Wild
    Wildlife live by natural rules, not by human values. If we try to feed or pat a wild animal this will have an impact on it.
  • Wildlife Health in Tasmania
    This Manual is for wildlife health managers specifically, and is also useful for the general public in identifying wildlife health issues and how to respond.
  • Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
    The Injured and Orphaned Wildlife Program, through the Wildlife Management Branch, DPIPWE arrange for injured or orphaned wildlife to be placed with a registered Wildlife Care Volunteer for ongoing treatment and eventual release back into the wild.
  • Penguin Watching Guidelines
    These guidelines are intended to both protect penguins and to allow you to see them under natural conditions.
  • Seal Watching Guidelines
    A guide to ensuring that both you and the seals enjoy the interaction.
  • Whale and Dolphin Viewing Guidelines
    Guidelines for dolphin and whale watching are in place for Tasmanian waters to ensure human safety and to protect the welfare of the animals. The guidelines apply to both commercial operators (e.g. tour operators) as well as individuals lucky enough to chance upon dolphins or whales during recreational activities.


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