Plant Health Laboratories

The Plant Health Laboratories comprise:

  • the Plant Pathology Laboratory  - located at New Town Laboratories (Hobart);

  • the Entomology Laboratories - located at New Town (Hobart), Mount Pleasant (Launceston) and Stoney Rise (Devonport);

  • a Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory  - located at New Town (Hobart); and

  • the Seed Laboratory  - located at Mount Pleasant (Launceston).

Most services offered by the Plant Health Laboratories attract a fee.  Please note there is no fee for any request to identify a plant pest that is suspected of being an invasive or quarantinable pest.

The Plant Pathology laboratory provides identification of the causes of plant death or stunting in plants of agricultural, ornamental or environmental significance. The laboratory also provides TASAG ELISA and Potato Virus testing. Clients include industry, private individuals and Quarantine authorities.

The Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory provides molecular diagnositc support to the other laboratories. This extra service is provided for a fee. Please contact the laboratory for details.

There are entomologists at each site, the Entomology laboratories provide diagnostic testing and control advice for plant pests (insects, snails etc.) in all areas of agriculture, horticulture and quarantine situations.

The Seed laboratory provides ISTA and OECD internationally accredited seed testing and certification.  It also provides purity sand germination tests on a range of grasses, grains and small seed. 


Plant Biosecurity
Phone: 1300 368 550

TASAG ELISA Testing Services
Peter Cross
13 St Johns Avenue
Phone: 03 6165 3252
Fax: 03 6278 2716