Development Planning and Conservation Assessment Guidelines

The Policy and Conservation Advice Branch (PCAB) provides advice and comment to a range of key regulators and stakeholders on development activities that have the potential to impact on natural values. Stakeholders include Local Councils, Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT), Crown Lands Services (CLS), Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Forest Practices Authority (FPA). As a result, PCAB plays a key role in enabling proposed developments to be assessed in a consistent and rigorous fashion, in accordance with the Resource Management and Planning System (RMPS), the management system that underpins environmentally sustainable development in the State.

Guidelines for Natural Values Surveys

A report on the potential impact of a proposed development on natural values may be required by a regulator as part of a planning approval process under state legislation.

Survey guidelines have been prepared for consultants who are engaged by proponents to survey, and report on, the impact of a proposed development on natural values within Tasmania. Guidelines have been prepared for surveys required in the terrestrial, estuarine and marine environments.

The guidelines detail the minimum requirements for information needed to enable PCAB to assess the potential impact(s) of a proposed activity on values such as threatened species and sites of geoconservation significance.

  Guidelines for Terrestrial Natural Values Surveys related to Development Proposals   (1Mb)

  Guidelines for Marine and Estuarine Natural Values Surveys related to Development Proposals   (1Mb)

In addition to the overarching survey guidelines, species-specific guidelines and management advice are also being developed for a number of threatened fauna species.  As these documents are finalised they will be made available on this webpage.

  Tasmanian Devil Survey Guidelines and Management Advice   (1Mb)

Permit to Take Threatened Species (for Consultants & Development-related Activities)

Where a development will involve the disturbance of a species listed as threatened under the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 a permit to 'take' will be required. Consultants must also hold a permit to collect or disturb specimens during any surveying.

If you require a permit, complete the permit application form below for for the 'Taking' of Native Flora and/or Fauna. Applicants should allow 4 weeks for an application to be assessed and processed.

If a Permit to Take is issued, a Permit Activity Report Form will need to be completed providing information on the species taken.


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