Area Restrictions

Recreational fishing is permitted in most Tasmanian waters but there are some restrictions. Rules may apply in estuaries and rivers, reserves and research areas, sensitive habitats and marine farm lease areas. Interactive maps you can use while out on the water fishing are available in the Tas Fish Guide phone app.

In this Topic

  • Interactive Map of Recreational Fishing Zones
    Use the interactive map to zoom into areas and display the recreational fishing restriction for the area.
  • Net and Line Restrictions
    Maps showing net and line area restrictions for recreational fishers.
  • Marine Reserves
    Generally fishing by any method is prohibited in marine reserves aside from some areas where restricted recreational and commercial fishing is allowed.
  • Fisheries Research Areas
    Fishing restrictions of different types may apply in fisheries research areas depending on the type of research being conducted.
  • Seaward Limits and Inland Waters
    Find out whether marine or freshwater fisheries rules apply in rivers and estuaries and lagoons.
  • Shark Refuge Areas
    There are fishing gear and species restrictions in shark refuge areas.
  • Calamari closure area
    An area in south east Tasmania is closed each year to taking calamari and squid to protect spawning stocks.
  • Long Spined Urchin Research
    Rock lobster, abalone and dive fishing restrictions apply in two new research areas.
  • Marine Farms
    Access for recreational fishing in marine farming areas is restricted.


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