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Application for Sponsorship for an Angling Community Event

Application form for Sponsorship for an Angling Community Event.

The Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) expects for all sponsorship:

  • Inclusion of the IFS logo and acknowledgement as a sponsor on all printed and online materials;

  • Acknowledgement of IFS’ contribution in any speeches;

  • Acknowledgement of IFS’ contribution in any advertising;

  • Prominent positioning of the IFS banners at the event;

  • An opportunity for the Minister or senior IFS representative to attend and speak;

  • Photos to be provided of the event to IFS for use by IFS in promotional material;

  • The supply of contact details of the organising committee, dignitaries or special guests;

  • IFS accepts no liability for the event and it is expected that the organising group will arrange the necessary insurances;

  • The IFS expects where children are involved that the organising group satisfies the requirements of the Department of Justice for working with children;

  • If the event is cancelled IFS needs to advised as soon as possible; and

  • The application needs to be lodged at least 30 days prior to the event.

Event Details
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Please detail the sponsorship required, including financial and non-financial/in-kind contributions.
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Have the appropriate insurances been organised for the event?

Has IFS provided sponsorship in the past and if so what?
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Who will be attending the event – age, demographics and interests?
How many attended last time it was held?
Other Sponsors
Are there any other sponsors of the event? If Yes, provide details below

(complete if you answered yes above)
How will the event be promoted in relation to the expectations of IFS listed above?
Safety Plan
Do you have a safety plan for the event?

Working with Children
If you are working with children have you met the requirements of the Department of Justice?

Primary Contact Details
Full name of primary contact for the application.
Please enter the address of primary contact including postcode.
Additional Information
Please enter list of dignitaries and officials attending the event (one on each line)