Heritage Listed Places

​​​​​​​Tasmania has some of Australia's oldest and best preserved heritage. From convict probation stations, workers cottages and stately homes, through to modern architecture, and industrial and archaeological sites. The Tasmanian Heritage Register contains a range of examples of many different types of heritage. 

This​ legacy of previous generations is a core economic driver in Tasmania, boosting tourism and other industries with its enormous visitor appeal. A great example of this is Port Arthur. However there are many more examples on a smaller scale. These can be privately owned and operated but still make a big contribution. Tasmanians have a lot to be proud of.

The Register was first assembled in 1997. It ​operates under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 which affords legal protection for entries on the Register. This ensures that Tasmania's most significant heritage is protected for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. It also ensures that development and conservation remain complementary.

For those who are the custodians of some of Tasmania's heritage, or for those with an interest in Tasmania's heritage more generally, this website contains material designed to support you. There are many brochures and booklets on our publications page w​hich cover common questions and concerns, such as insuring a registered place, and how to conduct further research on a heritage place.​​​

Empire Hotel Exterior (entry #5645)
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