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The Tasmanian Government is committed to making information accessible to all members of the Tasmanian community, including people with disability.

a) Enlarging text

Using Windows - use Ctrl + (increased pressing of + will incrementally increase size of text).

Using a Mac – use Command + (increased pressing of + will incrementally increase size of text).

See the following video for 3 methods of resizing a page


b) Request an alternate format by email

If you require a document in an alternate format, such as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF), email us and let us know which document you require.

c) The Tasmanian Government and disability

For more information about how the Tasmanian Government is improving access to information and services for people with disability, read the Tasmanian Government Disability Framework for Action.

d) Website Archives

Archives of Department of Education websites from May 1999 are available from the LINC Tasmania archive. Visit the September 2012 Archive. Archives from Dec 2000 are available from the Wayback Machine.

e) Searching this site

See a video (40 secs) on how to use the search and tag functions.

f) Opening Documents in native applications

By default Word and PDF documents will open within the internet browser. If you wish to open a document in its native application select the File menu or look for options to save a copy or open in Word. See the following examples.

For a Word document delivered from the Document Centre:

Open in Word

For a PDF save a copy and then open:

Save a Copy

g) Access via mobiles or tablet computers

The Department's Internet (and Intranet for staff) will work on tablet computers such as an iPad. At present mobile access uses the internet browser and may be too small to read or navigate on some phones.

PDFs can be displayed in PDF viewers such as iBooks on the iPad.

PDF forms require specific apps such as the free Adobe Reader app for iPad or Android. Complex forms require more advanced apps such as PDF Expert for the iPad.

Adobe Reader App  PDF Expert

h) Further information

If you have any questions about accessibility and any of the Department of Education's websites, please email

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