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Awards - Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships for Students and Teachers


See this page for information on the following student awards and scholarships

  • Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarships
  • Secondary Music Scholarships
  • The Frank MacDonald Memorial Prize
  • The Ray Richardson Tasmanian University Scholarship in Education
  • Tasmanian Training Awards
  • Worldskills Australia Awards
  • The Young Archies
  • What Matters Tasmania 2013


Hardie Fellowships – for study in 2018
For enrolment information for 2018, please visit:
Background on Hardie Fellowships
Professor Hardie was appointed Dean of Education at the University of Tasmania in 1946 and remained there until his retirement in 1976. Following the death of Professor Hardie in 2002, a generous bequest of $7.5 million from his estate has enabled the establishment of a Hardie Fellowship Trust. This provides a number of teachers employed by the Department of Education, Tasmania with the opportunity to undertake a period of research or study at an approved university in the United States of America (USA) each year.

2016-2017 Hardie Fellowship recipients:
Susan Bullen
Group 1:  Sarah Geale and Darren Sangwell
Group 2:  Joshua Dean and  Mark Sivills
2015-2016 Hardie Fellowship recipients
Group 1:  Michael Davy and Andrew Harris 
Group 2:  Jan Hunt, Hayley Noonan, Adam Potito and Judy Travers 
Group 3:  Kelly Dyer, Duncan Groves and Natalie Odgers 
Group 4:  Jenny Dudgeon, Chloe Simons and Andrew Walsh.
2014-2015 Hardie Fellowship recipients: 

Group 1: 
Judith Fahey, Debra Fisher, Trudy Pearce and Jarrod Williams 
Group 2:  Shane Frost, Jill Burrill, Monique Carter and Marcus Cramp 
Group 3:  Dane Hardy, Scott MacCrum, Hayley Noonan and Ben Wilson 
Group 4:  Marie Phillips, Phillipa Clymo, Neil Harris, Catharina Stam and Kenneth Price
2013-2014 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Chantel Barnes - New Norfolk High School, Donelle Batty - Riverside High School, Teresa Pockett - Jordan River Learning Federation - Senior Campus, Kings Meadows High School Group - Lisa Drinkwater, Ann Fedyk, Jason Gunn and Craig Woodfall, Learning Services South - Inclusive Learning Leaders - Jenny Buckingham and Jackie Witt
2012-2013 Hardie Fellowship recipientJanine Bowes
2011-2012 No Hardie Fellowships awarded
2010-2011 Hardie Fellowship recipientsGary Woodward, Sandy Menadue
2009-2010 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Fiona Jarvis, Peta-Lyn McFadzean, Rob Torok, Catherine Whish-Wilson
2008-2009 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Dr Sarah-Jane Atkins, Karen Gee, Teresa Street
2007-2008 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Erika Boas, Lyn Dunn, Angela Dykman
2006-2007 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Mike Brakey, Jenny Breen, Sarah Geale, Trish King, Margaret Meijers, Tim vanWinden  PBS Group - Louise Nehrmann, Kate Wilson, Jenny Vince  Lenah Valley Group - Jenny Dudgeon, Laura Eiszele, Narelle Henderson, Jo Innes  The Change Leadership Group 1 - Lyn Goodwin, Kelly Heathcote Cheryl McFadzean , Gill Procter,  Helen Street  The Change Leadership Group 2 -Gillian Berriman, Sue Chaplin  The iNet Study Group:  Shane Frost, John Mainsbridge, Warren Pill, Deborah Rigby, Alan Short, Veena Tilly, Rae Wells
2005-2006 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Claire Ackerly, Robert Banfield, Danielle Bresnehan, Kristen Kelly, Maria Leaver, Bob Phillips, Martin Stalker, Sheree Vertigan  The Arts Group:  Janet Austin, Frank Bansel, Carolyn Cross, Karolyn Davidson, Rebecca Miller, Mark Prichard, Andrew Sweeney, Joanne Waldon, Katie Wightman, Tony Woodward
2004-2005 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Kathy Cameron, Anne Clennett, Sherry Edwards, Lucy Fisher, Steve Harrison, Michael Hayen, Ruth Radford, Steve Reissig
2003-2004 Hardie Fellowship recipients:  Mario Bergamin, Karena Gregory, Barbara Mawson, Sally Milbourne, Roger O'Meagher, Matthew Potter, Greg Souter
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